Reservoirs and resources

Structural geology plays a fundamental role in both reservoir/resource distribution and fluid migration/trapping.

Ensuring robust data-interpretation

The foundation of any asset evaluation has to be a robust interpretation of the fundamental geological/geophysical data.

Our expertise provides high-quality interpretation and understanding of your data to allow decisions to be made that account for the uncertainty in those data.

In areas of structural complexity we apply leading insights and knowledge to constraint that uncertainty.

In addition to delivering data interpretation we can also provide QC’ing and peer review of your existing projects.

Application of leading edge techniques to exploration data

Our expertise is applicable utilising outcrop data, 2D or 3D subsurface data and we use the most appropriate tools and techniques to provide insights into your data. 

Integration of data to maximise value

Structural model forms the foundation for further analysis, including structural restoration, geomechanical modelling, fault seal analysis and reservoir modelling. 


The TectonKnow team can apply these concepts to your data and provide integrated solution to maximise value.